Hudson Valley Creamery

Hudson Valley Creamery will be celebrating the first anniversary of its grand opening in April. HVC processes a variety of goat cheeses for resale throughout the US. HVC’s parent company, Groupe Eurial, is a global dairy company headquartered in France. Eurial is France’s largest goat cheese producer and boasts some of the world’s most successful specialty cheese brands.

The company has long sold its products in the US. With the establishment of HVC, Eurial now can produce its array of products in the dairy rich Hudson Valley. The goat cheese industry in the US is growing over 20% a year. HVC anticipates developing additional related dairy businesses in the region, bolstering the agriculture and manufacturing sectors, adding jobs and helping bringing dairy prominence back to the Hudson Valley.

Eurial received a warm welcome more than two years ago from the State of New York and Columbia County and the public officials and community of Hudson. We are very grateful to Ken Flood and all the folks who have supported us every step of the way. 

Germantown Variety

Germantown Variety opened on June 28th, 2012.  The store created two new full-time jobs.  Health insurance fully-paid for the employees, in addition to other benefits, including dental insurance and 401(k).

The store is a revival of the five-and-dime concept of mid-century America, where you can get basic necessities that would take trips to six or seven different chain stores to get.  We have hardware, housewares, body and health care, stationery, toys and many other necessities all in one store.

Germantown Variety also strives to sell as many items made in the USA as possible.  Our product offering is about 65-70% made in the USA.  Where we can’t source items from the USA, we focus on our nearest and best trading partners, such as Canada, Central and South America, and Europe.  China is last choice!

CrossRoads Food Shop

CrossRoads Food Shop began with the invitation in late 2009 from two Hillsdale NY part time residents to think about opening a restaurant in a portion of a building they were starting a major renovation on.  In early 2012,  I opened that restaurant thanks to the help and talent of many local hands. In the building formerly known as Hillsdale Electronics and before I began serving breakfast, lunch and dinner 5 days and 3 nights a week.

My desire as a chef moving up to Columbia County from NYC in 2006 was to operate a small restaurant in a small town where I could work with the many local gifted farmer’s to come up with a seasonal menu that could be enjoyed by all. CrossRoads is just that and one year in we are doing just fine.

Hudson Cruises, Inc.

Hudson Cruises, Inc. demonstrates the Core of “Quality of Life” for our community in several ways, from generating waterfront economic development, the renewed Hudson/Athens Ferry and bringing the community back to the river to explore the beauty of the Hudson River, engaging the viewers to imagine the rich history that took place and the current flurry of local businesses for themselves.

Our educational classes invite the Grammar and High school students to become invested to see, feel, hear and smell the flora and fauna right in their back yard, opening up worlds of possibilities in protecting their current and future environment.

We have created dozens of jobs for part time and full time residents. We believe in future growth in tourism for Columbia County with continued partnerships of local business, i.e.; Stageworks, Vasilow’s, Hudson Firemen’s Museum, Love Apple Farm, Hudson-Athens Lighthouse, b&b’s as well as the residual benefit to many antique stores, gas stations and restaurants with the bus groups we bring to the local economy generating opportunities for Columbia County to showcase rich beauty of our area.

Our business is transportation, entertainment and education showcasing our community’s rich history and positive changes over the years.

Columbia Land Conservancy

The Columbia Land Conservancy (CLC) has made Columbia County a better place to live and work. This nonprofit organization has worked to conserve our rural landscapes for the past 26 years, permanently protecting 22,550 acres of privately owned land and partnering with local government to support good planning. Protected lands provide critical habitat, improved water quality, and world-class views. By establishing 5,750 acres of public land, including ten Public Conservation Areas and miles of trails, CLC has ensured that residents and tourists have the opportunity to enjoy our outdoor treasures. CLC has supported local agriculture by conserving thousands of acres of farmland, facilitating over $7 million in state and federal support for local farmers and matching 21 farmers with landowners.

CLC also provides free education programs to county schools and other institutions serving over 4,000 participants annually. Whether they know it or not, every resident of Columbia County benefits from CLC’s efforts.

Won Dharma Center

Won Dharma is a retreat center that envisions Changing Humanity, One Breath at a Time. It is a unique gathering place, located on 426 acres in Claverack, created to advance the well-being of humanity. Won Dharma is committed to providing a safe space for people to cultivate compassion in their personal and professional life.   

During the inaugural year of 2012, nearly 5,000 people came to WDRC for meditation programs and retreats. They returned to their lives with renewed energy, a brand new perspective, and the practical tools they need to sustain well-being in this challenging time of the 21st century. Our participants share their inspiration, catalyzing positive change in their communities and organizations.

The grounds are open to the public from dawn to dusk. The public is encouraged to explore the walking trails or participate in yoga, meditation and movement classes.

We welcome businesses and outside groups to use our facilities meetings and retreats.