Spring is about new beginnings!

The Columbia County Chamber of Commerce Board  of Directors is pleased to announce its new President and CEO, William “Bill” Gerlach. 

William Gerlach is an experienced professional and Columbia County native who has been  entrenched in the local business community. In the past, he served in various leadership roles  of the Columbia County Chamber of Commerce including its Board of Directors and numerous  committees. Most recently, Mr. Gerlach worked for Marshall and Sterling Insurance as a Sales  Executive and has had a robust and extensive career involving business development,  commercial lending, and relationship management fields. He also was a former successful local  small business owner.  

“Mr. Gerlach’s qualifications, leadership, enthusiasm and understanding of the greater  Columbia County area were the deciding factors for the Chamber in undertaking its selection” said Derick H. LaTorre, Chairman of the Board of Directors with the Columbia County Chamber of Commerce. “Mr. Gerlach is certain to be an outstanding advocate for our members with his unique skill set and commitment to our greater community.”  

“I am extremely excited to work for the members of the Columbia County Chamber of  Commerce,” said Gerlach. “Through the years this organization has played such a significant  role in every stage of my career and I am so very thankful to have this opportunity to give back  to this very important business organization.”