“Move Columbia” is a County-wide movement created to move and improve the County’s Wellness Ranking in New York State.  “Move Columbia” will include monthly healthy events, which are simple and fun to do.  It is a Holistic approach to making healthier choices, for example:  instead of having a can of soda every day, you may choose to substitute a bottle of water once or twice a week.  Or, if you drive to pickup lunch, maybe you choose to walk one day.  Maybe you substitute a bag of chips for raisins or another healthy snack choice.  It’s easy, anyone can do it!  In 2018 a “Move Columbia” Health & Wellness Fair is being planned, along with continued health related events, such as business step challenges, water consumption challenge and healthy snack choices. To learn more check out our video from the “Move Columbia” Kick-off by Lance Wheeler – https://vimeo.com/230956603