The Payment Processing Industry is full of complexities!  Let us help you through the clutter with a free Payment Processing Educational Seminar on Thursday, July 30th in the Columbia County Chamber of Commerce conference room, located at 1 North Front St. in Hudson.  This free seminar is provided by Chamber member Central Payment Corporation.  Here is a snapshot of what you will learn:

• INTERCHANGE: How the processor determines what you pay
• RATE & FEES: Tiered Pricing, Cost Plus, Rewards Cards, Non-Mid Qualified
• TECHNOLOGY: Which is the best option for your business
• V/MC Level II Processing, Enhanced Data Can Reduce Fees and Improve Security.
• EMV/CHIP CARDS: The New Standard in Secure Transactions
• PCI COMPLIANCE: Payment Card Industry Compliance that Effects All Businesses

This seminar can save you hundreds and thousands of dollars in future fees.
We hope you take advantage of this opportunity!

Payment Processing Educational Seminar Registration 8:30-9:00 am, Seminar 9:00 -10:00 am.
Please RSVP by July 27th ~ Call 518-828-4417 or email