About Columbia County

Columbia County is one of the most picturesque, historic, and thriving regions in all of New York. The county is surrounded by the Catskills and Berkshires. It is home to a bustling business climate that you are a part of or may be considering becoming part of.

Our business community is built on diversity everything from world-class organizations to family farms, to a thriving arts and entertainment culture and restaurants featuring culinary and choices from around the globe. The lifestyle and recreational opportunities include an array of pristine golf courses, adventurous ski slopes, mountain hiking trails, and motor sports, not to mention a multitude of parks and recreation…all adding up to an environment of small-town charm and family living.

The Columbia County Chamber of Commerce is proud of the strength and character of the people who live in our towns and villages – people who are able to thrive because of the strength and character of the businesses community we represent.

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