Energy Program

We are continually working to provide additional benefits to our members, and the Columbia County Chamber of Commerce is happy to announce that we are partnering with EnergyNext to help your business save money on your utility bills.  We are relaunching this program in early 2024 with a full range of savings options.

Can’t wait until 2024?

Investing in community solar may be for you!  Eligible customers within select utilities are able to enroll in Community Solar programs without installing any solar panels at their property. These programs allow businesses to support clean, local, renewable energy, in addition to providing savings on their electricity bills.

Community Solar programs offer solar energy that is generated from local “solar farms”, or solar array installations that are developed specifically for Community Solar programs, to utility customers within the region. The energy from these solar farms is fed into the local electricity grid, allowing local customers to take advantage of the renewable resource. In addition to committing to and supporting sustainable energy, these programs offer significant guaranteed savings on your electricity bills.

How does Community Solar work?
When enrolled in a Community Solar program, your business subscribes to receive credits from a solar farm developer that lowers your monthly utility bill. These agreements can often be cancelled at any time without penalty, effectively making it a zero-risk decision to enroll. For additional information, as well as eligibility requirements, please contact Jim Orban at

New York Community Solar Highlights
• Up to 10% savings on electricity costs
• Subscriptions are limited to residential and small business accounts
• Does not interfere with electricity supply agreements
• Chamber members within National Grid, NYSEG and Central Hudson service areas are eligible to subscribe
• Community Solar subscribers can receive credits directly on their utility bill

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