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Frequently Asked Questions

How long has this Chamber been in existence?

The Columbia County Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1978.   Prior to that, a number of Chambers had existed including a Hudson Chamber that dated back to the 1920’s, a Greater Hudson Chamber, a Roe Jan Area Chamber, and some previous incarnations of a county-wide Chamber.

What is the mission of the Chamber?

For the first 10 years, our primary purpose was tourism promotion.   In recent years, the focus has shifted to direct services to businesses, while acting as the voice for business in Columbia County, providing advocacy, promotional and benefit solutions for its members.

How is the Chamber organized?

An 18-member Board of Directors, elected by the membership governs the Chamber.  Terms are for three years and Directors can serve a maximum of two consecutive terms.  The Board elects the Chairman and other officers.  In the interest of stability and continuity, terms of the office for Chairman, Vice-Chairman and so forth are for two years.

How are the Directors elected?

Each year, one-third are up for election.  With input from the membership, every October a nominating committee recommends a slate of candidates, all of whom must be Chamber members.

How many employees does the Chamber have?

There are currently 3 full-time staff members employed by the Chamber: the President & CEO, the Program Director, the Membership Director and the Office Manager.  Outside firms are contracted to handle payroll and health insurance billing.

Is the Chamber a branch of some larger organization?

No, the Chamber is totally independent.  It is not a chapter or division of any state or national organization.  

Where does the money come from?

The biggest single source of revenue is membership dues, which covers over half of the Chamber’s operating expenses.  The remainder is derived from fund-raising events and sponsorships, insurance administrative fees and advertising.

Tell me more about membership investment.

Chamber members pay a fairshare membership investment based on the number of employees at the business.  Investment starts at $285.

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